Halle Berry's 'Nefertiti' Will Have 'Epic Quality' To It

Halle BerryWhile mention of a beautiful and powerful female Egyptian pharaoh usually conjures up visions of Cleopatra, more than a thousand years before her there was Nefertiti. Telling the queen's story has been a long-time passion project for Halle Berry, who has been developing a big-screen adaptation for years with "Monster's Ball" helmer Marc Forster.

The flick's progress may appear to be measured in inches, but Halle assures us that it's still moving forward...it's just a matter of piecing everything together. And those are admittedly big pieces, since Berry has grand visions for her historical biopic.

"It should be epic in feel," Berry exclaimed to MTV News," adding that it will have "lots of action because it's all about that era in time when Nerfititi was ruling her nation." (Watch Berry discuss "Nefertiti" after the jump.)

With language that promises to evoke memories of such films as "Ben Hur" and "Spartacus" (and hopefully not Elizabeth Tyler's atomic bomb "Cleopatra"), Berry says "Nefertiti" will have something for everyone. "There's battle scenes and love," she said. "[It's about] a woman coming into her own. So it should have that epic quality to it."

With Berry enjoying her pregnancy and Forster busy with "Bond 22," when pre-production could begin on "Nefertiti" is anyone's guess. But here's hoping we see the majesty of ancient Egypt come alive soon enough.