Benicio Looks Forward To 'Demented' Journey As Iconic Revolutionary Che Guevara

Benicio Del ToroAre you a disaffected college student? A semi-educated poser? Chances are you've heard of Che Guevara, but that you know him more for being the ubiquitous t-shirt guy than for anything he actually believed or did.

That's about to change, insisted Benicio Del Toro. The 40-year-old thesp is set to star in not one, but two films centering on the legendary Marxist revolutionary with director Steven Soderbergh.

"Not many people know much about him, especially here - they know about him but they don't know a lot about him," the Oscar winner told MTV News, no doubt referencing Che's iconic image. "[But] being Latin American, the history is important to me. It's about going and doing justice to [that] history." Both movies, "Guerrilla" and "The Argentine," will be shot in Spanish. It's an authentic touch, Del Toro said, that's indicative of their quest for accuracy.

"I don't want to invent stuff," he declared. "In other movies you can say, well, we'll have the character do this and that. It's harder [this] way. It's difficult but it's interesting. "

In re-teaming with Soderbergh (the pair both won Academy Awards for their work together on "Traffic"), Del Toro thinks he's got the perfect companion for this intense historical journey.

"We're in good hands," he said smiling. "It'll be a demented, hard fun."