Apatow Gang Readies 'Box Of Cox' For 'Walk Hard' Release

John C. Reilly in 'Walk Hard'If taglines are any indication of how funny a movie will be, than you might want to start counting down the days until "Walk Hard," whose new poster brags: "Life made him tough/Love made him strong/Music made him hard."

"It's pretty breezy and quick, but it'll feel like a large meal hopefully," director Jake Kasden ("Zero Effect") told us this week about his latest cut of the upcoming biopic spoof. "It's not that long. A little over an hour and a half. Apatow likes the two hour comedies, but I like them 90 minutes, so it'll be somewhere in between."

Judging by the hilarious trailer (watch it at the bottom) -- and a plot that has John C. Reilly playing a Johnny Cash-like rocker opposite Jenna Fischer, Kristen Wiig and Paul Rudd -- we say give Mr. Apatow whatever he wants. "We're doing a couple of pick-up days," Kasden said of some recent re-shoots. "We're rounding it out, filling in some holes."

"It's a fake music biopic, and we developed the guy's whole canon," he said of the tunes sung by Reilly's Dewey Cox in the flick. "We worked with songwriters, and recorded 30 original songs that John tracked and sang ... The movie is almost a musical. It's wall-to-wall music, and that adds a tremendous amount of complexity in terms of just executing it."

Spanning 60 years, the film features 120 different costume changes for Reilly, creating a Forrest Gump-like rock enigma. "He morphs over the years, through different genres," the director explained. "He starts out as a contemporary of Elvis, so he's a Waylon Jennings/Roy Orbison composite - this country guy, infused with an early-rock crooner. In the 60s, he goes through a political period and starts singing protest songs defending the rights of underrepresented groups like the North American mullato. In the late 60s he gets involved with LSD, and goes into a psychedelic period. In the 70s, there's the disco period, and then he goes quiet for a while. A brief punk period [follows], then he discovers cocaine."

And if the movie leaves you laughing hard, you might want to pick up the CD as well. "We'll do an extended double disc," Kasden revealed. "'The Cox Box,' we call it. Or we'll call it 'The Box of Cox.'"

"That'll give you a sense of the world I've been living in," he added with a grin. "How many Cox jokes have I been a part of in the last year?"

On December 21st, we'll finally get to join in on the fun. In the meantime, are you as excited as we are for the next Judd Apatow-produced film?

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