Jake Gyllenhaal Laments A Career Without Superheroes

Jake Gyllenhaal in 'Zodiac'Reporting by Jessica Goebel

Since we've been yakking for weeks over "Justice League" casting possibilities, you may have found yourself wondering if there's a place in the superhero universe for everyone's favorite brooding boy idol: Jake Gyllenhaal. After all, in recent years the mercurial star has been floated as a possibility for everything from Spider-Man to Shazam, and, for the "Entourage" watchers out there, even Aquaman.

To the profound dismay of young women worldwide, we've yet to see Gyllenhaal don shiny tights. And according to the star, if you're hoping to see him underwater in "Justice League," you'd better not hold your breath.

"I have definitely wanted to play superheroes in the past," Gyllenhaal confessed, revealing that he's sat through more than a few casting calls. "I've definitely been into [playing a comic-book character] but, for one reason or another, it hasn't ever worked out."

Instead, Jake has watched contemporaries like Tobey Maguire, Brandon Routh and Ben Foster land superhero roles - and now he's at the point where he'd rather play a real-life superman. "I think what I've resigned myself to is [thinking about] the world we live in," he explained. "I think of how a character, in reality, is like a superhero - rather than actually being a superhero."

With that in mind, Gyllenhaal has his eyes on the prize of a major franchise featuring an everyday champion, so that he can become less Ben "Daredevil" Affleck and more Matt Damon. "I'd love to play a really cool character like Jason Bourne," he gushed. "Not necessarily a superhero, but definitely a cool character that does great, fun [real-world] action."

There it is, folks: expect Gyllenhaal's eventual "superhero" to be more Bourne than Batman. But with Maguire possibly hanging up his Spidey suit, we still had to wonder if Jake would be willing to swap his mindset for the opportunity to seize a second chance. "No," he declared with a wistful smile. "It's been well done already."