Faris Belts Out Tunes For 'Mama's Boy'

Anna FarisReporting by Alex Gilliland

She's best known as the star of the "Scary Movie" franchise, but Anna Faris will soon be seen wading back into the waters of her talent-less pop star from the underrated flick "Just Friends" - only this time, she'll be remixed as a corporation-hating coffeehouse singer in the upcoming film "Mama's Boy." Once again, the funnylady will be belting out some seriously silly songs - but don't expect a Greatest Hits album anytime soon.

"Oh, wouldn't that be awful!" she shrieked when we caught up with her recently. "The only person that would play it would be my dad!"

Alongside the hilariously-awkward Jon Heder of "Napoleon Dynamite," Faris is part of a cast that also includes Diane Keaton and Jeff Daniels. "Jon Heder plays a mama's boy who won't leave the nest, and I play his potential girlfriend," she grinned. "I loved shooting those coffee house scenes where I'm singing, even though I have a horrible voice, and I subjected the whole crew to that torture. It was still really fun to be so earnest and passionate about how anti-corporate-culture my character is."

When asked about her favorite tune in the flick, Faris wasted no time. "Oh, it's 'Bed, Bath and Bullsh-t!'," she laughed. "Billy Bragg wrote the song."

For those unaware, Bragg is an acclaimed British folk-punk-protest-singer, who jumped at the opportunity to spoof his political music stylings.

"I don't know why I keep getting cast as singers, because I probably have the worst voice," Faris confessed, saying that she loved singing Bragg's words. "I sing [his song] horribly. I wish that I could do him justice, but ya know - there's only so much talent."

As for Faris herself, she insists that although the Thanksgiving release might make people think that she despises Bed, Bath & Beyond, Wal Mart and other giant corporations, she could never take such a stand in real-life.

"No," she chuckled. "I like Starbucks."