Gondry Gets Animated For New Film

Michel GondryA visionary director with a taste for the fantastic, the look of Michel Gondry's films have always seemed to have more in common with Bugs Bunny than Steven Spielberg - where the rules of space, and gravity, and time don't apply, and dreams can be as real as the girl in the next apartment.

Imagine what he could do with some paper and a few paints.

"I am working on an animated film with my son," Gondry revealed to MTV News. "It's going to be quite amazing."

Gondry has used some stop motion techniques in his films before, of course, most notably in "The Science of Sleep," but this is the first time the "Be Kind, Rewind" director will do a feature length animated film (and, no, we don't count "Fell in Love with a Girl.")

The time was finally right, the director enthused, saying that the story will be quite personal.

"We're translating our relationship into a futuristic story with a dictator and a rebel," he explained of the film's rudimentary outline. "He's the dictator in the story [and] it will be based on [his] art."

Gondry said he will co-direct the movie with his son.

Love Gondry? Geeked out by this project? If so, what other director would you love to see take a whack at animation? Gilliam? Del Toro? Sound off below.