The Dailies: October 9, 2007

Star TrekOur links of the day go boldly where no news has gone before, with info on "Star Trek," "Thor," Brandon Routh, Jake Gyllenhaal, and more below.

- "Star Trek" screenwriter Roberto Orci talks "casting, canon, and Kirks." (Trek Movie)

- Superman no more, Brandon Routh hitches ride to comic adaptation "Dead of Night" (CBR)

- "Thor" budgeted at $300 million, needs to be cut in half, writes Matthew Vaughn. (The Guardian)

- Jake Gyllenhaal joins Doug Liman in "Untitled Moon Project," about the race for lunar colonization. (Variety)

- Michael Cera to star in "Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist," about two teenagers who fall in love in NYC. (Variety)

- Vincent Chase? Joe Carnahan? Now Oliver Stone? Stone to produce another Pablo Escobar flick with director Antoine Fuqua. (Variety)

- A man's best "Friend"? Lisa Kudrow joins "Hotel for Dogs." (Hollywood Reporter)