Cate Blanchett Ready To Re-team With Edgar Wright And Voice Mrs. Fox

Cate BlanchettSure, everyone is talking up Cate Blanchett's Oscar chances again this year for her turns in "Elizabeth: The Golden Age" and "I'm Not There," but aren't we all forgetting a little turn in another one of the year's best? "Darn it!" Blanchett screamed to me the other day when I asked her why people weren't talking about her cameo in "Hot Fuzz." For those that missed Blanchett's blink-and-you-miss-it appearance (in truth, I didn't realize she was in it until I saw the flick a second time), the Oscar winner played Simon Pegg's ex in an all-too-brief flashback.

After I finished grilling Blanchett to death for any dirt on "Indiana Jones," the actress joked with me about the appearance in the Edgar Wright comedy. "My role was really huge and they cut it," she said. "It was really about a forensic scientist with terrible facial scarring."

Asked if she's up for a bigger role in Wright and Pegg's next flick, she didn't hesitate: "They have my number."

Meanwhile Blanchett confirmed to me that she will indeed voice a role in Wes Anderson's next project, "The Fantastic Mr. Fox." (Read my earlier report on the Wes Anderson/Roald Dahl joint here).

What kind of role would you like to see Cate Blanchett play in an Edgar Wright/Simon Pegg comedy? Let the brainstorming begin!

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