Benicio Del Toro Ready For A Horrific Time As 'The Wolf Man'

Benicio Del ToroHas there been a better casting idea than Benicio Del Toro as the Wolf Man in recent memory? After seeing him up close and personal yesterday, I can't think of one. Currently the Oscar winner is sporting a scruffy look but that's for his next role as Che Guevara in two films for Steven Soderbergh. Still, it's not hard to imagine how great a brooding Lawrence Talbot he will make soon enough.

Del Toro seems psyched for the project to be directed by Mark Romanek. "We're trying to go back to the original. There's something very nostalgic about it for me. I loved all those monsters when I was a kid," he said.

Asked if, as rumored, Anthony Hopkins is on board as well Del Toro said, "I think so," before adding that the final deals haven't been closed nor has a starting date been determined. Excitedly Del Toro said, "I have never done a horror film." He quickly added with a laugh, "maybe a lot of my films already are horror films."