The Dailies: October 8, 2007

Nicole KidmanToo much news today to beat around the bush. Read about Pixar, "EverQuest," Nicole Kidman, and David friggin Hasslehoff below.

- Out of this world. Pixar making a "John Carter of Mars" trilogy. (Slashfilm)

- "300" scribe Michael Gordon writing "EverQuest" adaptation. (IGN)

- Nicole Kidman to team up with Julia Roberts for "Monte Carlo." (Fox)

- A cupcake for the person who tells me how this is gonna work: Jason Statham returning for "Crank 2." (Empire)

- Don't hassle the Hoff! David Hasselhoff to star in "Anaconda 3" and "4." (Moviehole)

- Paz Vega and Jamie King join Frank Miller’s "The Spirit." (Variety)

- Just for fun, a video of a DeLorean hitting a wall at (88) 40 mph. (Jalopnik)