Bardem May Team With Coppola For 'Tetro,' Clears His Throat For 'Nine'

Javier BardemIt's been a tough time for Francis Ford Coppola recently. Even as his eagerly anticipated return to filmmaking, "Youth Without Youth," is set for release, news broke last week that a burglary has put a future Coppola film, "Tetro," in jeopardy.

At least the filmmaking titan can expect one concerned phone call soon. Oscar nominee Javier Bardem told me yesterday, "I should call him today or tomorrow." Bardem has been rumored to play a role in "Tetro," a secretive film rumored to star Matt Dillon and begin shooting in February. Bardem confirmed to me that his teaming with Coppola could happen. "I am associated [with "Tetro." It was a conversation Francis and I had months ago. Since then we haven’t talked very much. He didn’t know when he was going to make it. Now it's time that we speak and see what's going on."

Bardem called the script "amazing," though he quickly added that his would be "a small part." Like all Coppola fans, Bardem however doesn't know what the crime means to the film's future. "After what happened, I don’t know whats going to happen," he said.

Meanwhile Bardem said reports of him playing the lead in the musical, "Nine," are slightly premature. It's one of several projects he's considering, he said. And yes, he would sing in it and that's part of the fun. "I don’t see myself doing a musical but that’s why I wanted to take a look at it. I can't imagine myself doing it. I said, 'that's challenging, lets take a look.'"