Say Jude, Let's Find You A Role In 'Harry Potter'

Harry PotterIt's "a work release program for great British actors" Roger Ebert said of the "Harry Potter" franchise. So how can it possibly be that two of the greatest British actors haven't yet appeared as part of Dumbledore's Army?

"Nobody's asked me," Michael Caine declared. "Yeah, nobody's asked me either," Jude Law echoed, jokingly adding that he "was a bit old for Harry."

The two British thesps star alongside each other in "Sleuth," but time is running out if they're to catch to last train to Hogwarts (leaving, as always, from Platform 9 3/4). With only two movies left, there just aren't that many great roles left...not that it's much of a loss to Caine. (Watch them discussing the "Potter" possibilities in full-motion video after the jump!)

"It's not my sort of film anyway. I haven't read the books. I haven't seen the films. I'm working for ["Harry Potter" producer] David [Heyman so] I've got to watch them now," Caine declared. "[But] they're children's films. I don't watch children's films."

Law, on the other hand? "I've got little kids. I've read all the books!" he enthused.

So let's find a role for Jude, shall we? I'll begin by suggesting he play the Ministry of Magic employee Harry turns into (using Polyjuice Potion) in "Deathly Hallows." Sound off in agreement or disagreement below (and then run over to help with the rest of our "Deathly Hallows" casting here)