Odds Against Another 'Oceans' Heist, Says Casey Affleck

Casey Affleck"What are the odds of getting even?" the posters for "Ocean's 13” asked us (supposed answer: 13: 1). What are the odds of Danny Ocean and his crew all returning for another heist? A lot higher than that, insisted series co-star Casey Affleck.

"That ship probably has sailed," he said of a possible "Ocean's 14," echoing statements made earlier this year by George Clooney and Matt Damon. "I mean, those guys are busy. I think everyone kind of moves on to do different things. Matt would have to not do, like, the sixth installment of the 'Bourne Identity.'"

For his part, Affleck the Younger isn't even sure anybody would welcome a Part IV, ("I don't know if anyone wants to see another," he declared), but if there is room for one more trip to the well, Casey thinks it won't be called "Ocean's 14” - because they won't get fourteen people back on board.

"They're going to have to start getting creative. Maybe it will be a prequel [called] 'Ocean's 4,'" he joked "[Because] you only get four of the guys back."

If we had to bet, we'd say there won't be another "Ocean's" movie, but what do you think? And if they did come back, where would you like to see them go? Sound off below.