Michel Gondry Teams Up With Steven Seagal's Daughter (?!?) For 'Tokyo'

Michel GondryHow's this for ironic? Brilliant French director Michel Gondry didn’t contribute to "Paris, je t'aime," a compendium of shorts that all centered around his native City of Lights, but after recently speaking with our very own Josh Horowitz about "Be Kind Rewind" the visionary 44-year-old said he was immediately boarding a plane to contribute to a similar film anthology on Tokyo, called, appropriately enough, "Tokyo."

"We're each doing a 30-minute segment," he said of himself and collaborators Joon-ho Bong and Leos Carax. "It's all connected with Tokyo. [My segment] is a story about a girl who tries to move into Tokyo with her boyfriend and, she can’t find an apartment or a job. She eventually turns into a chair."

Crazy. Surreal. Typical Gondry. But, get this: the fact that the leading actress in his film ultimately turns into a chair isn't anywhere near to being even remotely close to the coolest thing about his segment. No, the coolest thing about Gondry’s segment isn't what the actress does, but who she is, namely...well, we'll let Gondry spill the beans.

"The actress we cast [Ayako Fujitani] turned out to be Steven Seagal's daughter," Gondry exclaimed. "I didn't know he had a Japanese daughter! I didn't know she was half American."

We're positive Ayako is superlative in her own right, of course, but this obviously tickles us pink. So we couldn't help but wondering, does Gondry have a favorite Seagal flick?

"I have a hard time remembering," he said.

Us too Michel, us too. They’re all THAT GOOD.

All kidding aside, does Gondry’s description of his segment have you jazzed? Sound off on why you love the director below (and don't forget to include your favorite Seagal film for good measure.)