Caine Calls Ledger's Acting In 'Dark Knight' 'One Of The Scariest Performances I've Ever Seen'

JokerEver since I barely had to ask Aaron Eckhart a question to get him to cough up that he was indeed going to appear as Two-Face in "The Dark Knight," I've felt my powers of Batman persuasion were unrivaled. Well, Michael Caine is a bit of a tougher nut to crack but I did get him to chat a little bit about the upcoming Bat flick this afternoon.

Transparent interviewer technique #1: butter up the subject. I began by telling Caine that clearly the star of the new film will be Alfred, judging from his voiceover in the teaser trailer. After a hearty chuckle, Caine said, "I'll tell you who it’s about. It's about Heath Ledger as The Joker. He will be the talking point of the next Batman."

So will he be scarier than say Scarecrow or Two-Face? Yes indeed, Caine said, calling Ledger's turn, "one of the scariest performances I've ever seen." Caine added that while he saw the Joker, he never saw Two-Face. And don't look for any big action scenes involving the loyal butler. Presumably speaking about director Christopher Nolan, Caine said, "He kept me out of it this time."

Are you as confident as Sir Michael that Ledger is going to scare your socks off? What are you psyched to see in "The Dark Knight"?