Zachary Quinto Sees Winners In New 'Trek' Castings

Zachary Quinto"Who's the best person to go to for an opinion when discussing the recent casting of Anton Yelchin and Zoe Saldana in J.J. Abrams' upcoming "Star Trek" reboot?

It turns out there's really only one "logical" choice.

"Anton Yelchin is like ["Heroes" co-star] Hayden [Panettiere] actually. He is like an eighteen-year-old kid that blows me away when I watch his acting," new Spock Zachary Quinto enthused recently. "And Zoë I've known [a long time] actually. She did a movie with a friend of mine seven or eight years ago. I got to meet her and know her a little bit back then and am excited to re-meet her and work with her now."

We admit, "Why is so and so perfect for Role X" isn't a question we typically put to co-stars months before a film even starts shooting but, then of course, "Star Trek" isn't a typical film. Fans of the original series are fiercely protective of the franchise and its many incarnations, and want to make sure it's being treated with the respect they feel it deserves.

"Rightfully so, rightfully so," Quinto interjected.

"I mean, it took a place in the zeitgeist that I don't think that anybody anticipated," he continued. "And I think that this project is definitely being done with as much honor for that as possible."

Which is why fans are so lucky that J.J. Abrams is at the helm, Quinto argued.

"He is one of the most creative minds in Hollywood right now. He is really smart and is creating a project with respect for where it came from, but also with a voice of its own," Quinto insisted. "I think the convergence of those two things is what makes it wildly appealing for people who have been 'Star Trek' fans for forty years and for people that are just coming to 'Star Trek' now."

While original series mainstay Nichele Nichols was forthcoming with her advice for Zoe, Quinto says he's keeping original Spock Leonard Nimoy's advice close to the vest.

"I am really fortunate that he is involved in this project and I have taken a lot of the words that he has given to me to heart," Quinto said. "And that is something that is important for me to keep to myself."

Of course, there's no need for you to keep anything to yourselves. Sound off on Zoe, Quinto, and "Star Trek" below.