Casting Call: 'Justice League' By Larry Carroll

Justice LeagueEditor's Note: This is the first of two "Casting Call" articles on "Justice League," each offering up casting suggestions from an MTV Movies Blog writer. Larry Carroll kicks us off...

I honestly don't think it's an exaggeration to say that, in the entire history of motion pictures, there has never been a greater casting opportunity than the soon-to-film "Justice League of America" movie. Think about it: normally, people like us burn through thousands of words discussing the actor who'll star in a single superhero movie. Now, we have a half-dozen iconic characters, many of whom have never before been embodied on-screen, all of whom will become forever linked with the actor who'll portray them.

As the leaks continue to flow, and the casting sessions continue, here's a brief list of my own personal "Justice" dream team - just in case director George Miller is looking for some inspiration:

Superman: Tom Welling - This is by far the toughest casting call, because the Man of Steel's features are so etched in stone, and there's no thought more gag-inducing than casting some inappropriate-looking actor (a la Nic Cage) to "re-invent" the character. In my mind, if they won't let Brandon Routh do another Johnny Bravo (as in "he fits the suit"), give the gig to the "Smallville" star and let's see if he can take things to the next level.

Batman: Christian Bale - Batman is Christian Bale, and anyone else who takes the part is setting themselves up for career suicide. I know, WB has effectively said Bale won't be in "Justice League", but they need to just keep throwing money at the guy until he changes his mind.

Flash: Ryan Reynolds - We've been hearing the rumors for years, and at this point it's hard to imagine anyone else (besides John Wesley Shipp) shooting that costume out of his ring.

Green Lantern: After considering the likes of T.I. and even Mos Def, it seems that only Jamie Foxx could bring the appropriate mix of charm and physicality to the role. He wouldn't be perfect, but at least he'd be interesting.

Aquaman: Ryan Phillippe - The only established names that could fit in this role seem to be Paul Walker, Phillippe, or somebody like Chad Michael Murray - and the thought of the other two horrify me to no end. Yes, Phillippe seems to think that the more he squints the better his performance will be - but playing a guy who's constantly emerging from salt water, that would be a plus.

Wonder Woman: Kate Beckinsale - Naturally, my first vote is to see Jessica Biel in those star-studded panties. But Beckinsale is a better actress, more physically appropriate for the part, and we know how effective she is at kicking ass.

Martian Manhunter: Keanu Reeves - Sure, it's my most controversial pick. But the missed opportunity of Keanu as Dr. Manhattan in "Watchmen" is still sticking in my craw. His aloof personality and lanky build, coupled with a head shave and a skin dyeing, would make him a fascinating otherworldly being. And for once, the stiffness in his acting style would be a super strength.

UPDATED: Larry's colleague Shawn Adler offers up his own "JLA" suggestions. Read them here!