Adrien Brody Confirms He Was Almost Mr. Spock

Adrien BrodyLeonard Nimoy nearly wasn't succeeded by a "Hero" but instead by "The Pianist" himself, Adrien Brody. We all heard those rumors months back that the Oscar-winner was up for the part of the most famous Vulcan this side of Sarek, and now the man has confirmed it.

"I did talk to J.J. [Abrams] about that," he told me today. And shed a tear for Mr. Brody, because he sounds kind of bummed that he missed out. "That would have been cool. I told my parents. They got a kick out of it. 'I may be Spock!' Oh, well. Could have been cool."

So did he do the famous live long and prosper salute for J.J. to try to get the part? "No. Didn’t do it. Maybe I should have. Would have had a better shot at the role," he sighed. (Watch our full-color video of Brody talking about his "Star Trek" near-miss after the jump!)