The Dailies: September 21, 2007

Brad PittBrad Pitt has some fightin' words in our links of the day. That and news on "Avatar," "Resident Evil," Ryan Phillippe and more below.

- Brad Pitt is pulling no punches, will take Matt Damon's place in "The Fighter" alongside Mark Wahlberg. (Hollywood Reporter)

- James Cameron's "Avatar" beams up Giovanni Ribisi. (Hollywood Reporter)

- Now THIS is evil. Ali Larter hints at possible "Resident Evil 4." (Shock Till You Drop)

- Back to the future for Ryan Phillippe and Eva Green as pair join cast of futuristic thriller "Franklyn." (Variety)

- More "Informers." Winona Ryder and Mickey Rourke join cast of Bret Easton Ellis adaptation. (Hollywood Reporter)