Gosling Ready To Tackle Jackson's 'Lovely Bones'

Ryan GoslingWe like to think we're pretty big Peter Jackson and "Lord of the Rings" fans here, but our enthusiasm may just pale in comparison to that of Ryan Gosling, who's about to start work next month on Jackson's adaptation of "The Lovely Bones."

"He's my kind of nuts," Gosling enthused. "To make 'LOTR' - there's no way you can win in that situation; you're going to have so many people against you for trying who aren't going to agree with your interpretation of the characters and the world. Then to do it anyway and on such a huge scale is so brave."

"It's exciting to work with somebody that will take those kinds of risks," he added.

Indeed, Jackson may wind up taking even more risks on "The Lovely Bones" than he did on the "Rings" trilogy, considering "Bones" is a story which begins with the rape and murder of a 14-year-old girl, and follows her maturation while she looks down on her family from Heaven. Couple in a few more murders, sprinkle a little infidelity and, of course, add heavy amount of paralyzing grief. Not really a day at the park.

Only 26-years-old, Gosling will play Jack Salmon, the little girl's father. But since he's known, in part, for his technological achievements, we wondered how Jackson will realize author Alice Sebold's heaven.

"I really have no idea,"Gosling said. "But I know it's going to be pretty amazing!"