'Run, Fatboy, Run' Sprints To A New Release Date: March 28, 2008

David SchwimmerThose of you eagerly awaiting David Schwimmer's feature directing debut (hello, is anyone there?!?) will have to wait a while longer. Actually, it's going to be a long while. Initially his comedy starring the one and only Simon Pegg was to be released here next month (October 26 to be exact) but it seems there's a new plan in place. Mark your calendars folks, I'm told "Run, Fatboy, Run" won't be arriving in theaters in the U.S. until March 28.

Now don't get all worried, ye of little faith. This is not some disaster the studio is trying to bury, at least not in my opinion after having seen it. This flick about a guy who leaves his pregnant wife at the altar, only to try to win her back by running the marathon, actually isn't half bad. And it's doing quite well in England where it's already in theaters. Seems to me that Picturehouse just wants to find it a nice safe haven for this one far away from the Oscar contenders.

Ready for Schwimmer's directing debut? Are you excited, indifferent, or sleepy at the prospect of this one?