Blanchett Game For 'Hobbit,' But Only With Jackson

Cate BlanchettThe choice is a clear one: take the One Ring and become a terrible queen of light, or refuse its power and diminish. For Galadriel, the Elven Lady of Lorien, the temptation is resisted and the ring denied. But not for the woman who played her. During a recent interview, a smiling Cate Blanchett insisted she would love to once again grab hold of some "Ring" mojo, and step again into Galadriel's pointy shoes for a "Hobbit" film.

"I haven't heard a thing [about a potential 'Hobbit' film]," she declared. "But, oh God, I would love to work with Hugo [Weaving] and Peter [Jackson] again."

Blanchett is the latest "Lord of the Rings" actor to tell MTV that she'd consider playing her character again for a prequel series. Like Viggo Mortensen or Orlando Bloom, Blanchett's character doesn't exactly appear in "The Hobbit," although thanks to J.R.R. Tolkien's extensive later backstories, her insertion would be completely unproblematic. In fact, it's hard to envision a "Hobbit" film WITHOUT Galadriel, particularly if the film covers any of the period between the defeat of Smaug and the War of the Ring.

But take notice New Line: Blanchett is interested, provided Peter Jackson is back to direct.

"I heard that someone was going to make it," she said. "[But] It would seem very odd [without Jackson.]"

With Jackson set to direct "The Lovely Bones," for now Blanchett says, she's "moved on."

"I left the elf shoes behind and the ears on the mantelpiece," she laughed.

Galadriel in "The Hobbit" a good idea? How about the fact that Viggo, Orlando, and now Cate all want to do it - why can't Jackson and New Line just get along? Look into the Mirror of Galadriel below and leave your comments.