Will 'Pirates 4’ Find The Fountain Of Youth?

Geoffrey Rush as Barbossa and Orlando Bloom as Will Turner in 'Pirates'Considering that the franchise comprises two of the top five highest-grossing movies of all-time, series co-star Geoffrey Rush thinks making another "Pirates of the Caribbean" movie would be a "a pre-ordained license to print money," he joked.

Luckily enough for producers, then, the Oscar winner says he's even got a story.

"[Finding the Fountain of Youth] would be a fun thing to do," Rush declared, referencing the coda to "At World's End," where Jack Sparrow is seen with a map to the fabled spring. "[I could] drink the elixir and suddenly turn into Orlando Bloom. It'll be a comedy!"

"And then I get the girl and the elixir wears off," he continued, a large smile on his face. "There's a story. Shoot that!"

But despite a willingness to get back on board (literally) as the devious Captain Barbossa, Rush nevertheless thinks a fourth "Pirates" is a long way off.

"I know there's some website that says it's confirmed, but no one's phoned me yet officially. I think they'll leave it for a while," he said. "Jack Sparrow's become such a popular character – he's almost more popular at Disney now than Mickey Mouse for a certain generation. But I don't think any of the creative team, would be interested if the ideas were dull or the script was mercenary or purely commercially driven."

Who would you want to return for a fourth "Pirates" film? And where would you like to see the crew go? Sound off below.