Abbie Cornish Denies Bond Rumors

Abbie CornishJames Bond has shaken things up with the likes of Halle Berry, Denise Richards, and Famke Janssen, but our recent assertion that Australian babe Abbie Cornish may indeed be next is just stirring up trouble, the 25-year-old reluctantly insisted.

"It's just a rumor," she said of persistent online speculation pegging her as the next Bond girl, which reached a fevered pitch in August when fellow Australian actress Rose Byrne told MTV News "I think Abbie Cornish's got it." Given the pair's close friendship, some weight was understandably ascribed to her utterance.

According to Cornish however, there appears to be nothing to the rumors. "I haven't had any meetings or any conversations about it, no."

"Sorry, mate," she added, as if in condolence.

One thing's for sure: Daniel Craig and new director Marc Forster are gonna need someone to be the next beautiful Bond girl. So with a completely open field, who would you pick? Sound off below.