Will Aragorn Return In 'The Hobbit'? Mortensen Leaves Open The Possibility

Viggo Mortensen in 'A History of Violence' Since he doesn’t actually appear anywhere in the book, hardcore fans of J.R.R. Tolkien’s Middle Earth legendarium might scoff at the notion of seeing Aragorn in a “Hobbit” film.

Not “Lord of the Rings” star Viggo Mortsensen who has at least left the door slightly ajar.

“I’m curious about it,” he told MTV News about his potential involvement in a long rumored “Hobbit” flick. “LOTR’ borrowed from other sources. There was dialogue and set pieces that came from work outside of ‘Lord of the Rings,’ or took from the appendices. You never know.”

Indeed, nearly all of Aragorn’s romance with Arwen (Liv Tyler) was drawn from Tolkien’s appendices and retroactively inserted into the Ring narrative by director Peter Jackson. A similar ploy could be used to bring Aragorn back for Bilbo’s journey (or, perhaps more appropriately, to surround and follow Bilbo’s journey), since Tolkien provided an extensive backstory for the once and future king of Middle Earth in his other writings.

Jackson himself commented on some of these potential plot lines in an interview last September with AICN, where he talked about how he’d “love to work with Viggo again [possibly by having] Aragorn protecting the Shire.”

But with all that said – and despite the fact that he’d be game – it “doesn’t seem like I would be part of [“The Hobbit”],” insisted Viggo. “Anybody that likes Tolkien or Peter Jackson’s trilogy is interested in what happens [but] I’m not really in the loop.”

According to Viggo, though, one thing’s for certain: Whether he’s in it or not, he thinks there’s only one man that could possibly bring the story to the big screen.

“It seems pretty obvious that Peter Jackson would be the person to direct it,” he said, echoing statements made by his ‘LOTR’ co-star Orlando Bloom to MTV News in May. “If they do it I hope Peter gets to do it.”

Ok hardcore fans: would you support a “Hobbit” story that had brief scenes with Aragorn? What about if it was a two-part tale, with the second movie connecting “Hobbit” to “LOTR”? Sound off below.

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