Kevin Bacon To Fans: I Am Not In 'Golden Compass'

Kevin BaconGiven the choice, most people would probably prefer to spend their time with Nicole Kidman than Richard Nixon. For the legendary Kevin Bacon, however, the future he's chosen is quite different. And it's a future that doesn't involve a certain high-profile epic that's mistakingly been associated with him...December's "Golden Compass" (more on that in a bit).

"I'm going to go right from [the HBO military film 'Taking Chances'] which I'm doing now to 'Frost/Nixon'," Bacon said of his upcoming movie translation of the critically-acclaimed stage show about the downfall of the American president. "It's a fantastic play with an amazing group of people including Michael Sheen ('Blood Diamond'), and Frank Langella playing Nixon, with Ron Howard directing."

"I play Jack Brennan, who was a guy who became Nixon's chief of staff when Nixon resigned," Bacon said of the flick, which unravels during a series of 1977 interviews in which David Frost eventually brought Nixon to the point where he admitted his guilt. "[My character] went and worked very closely with Nixon, and then ran his day-to-day life."

"The film feels almost like a sports movie; it's kind of like a boxing match between David Frost and Richard Nixon, and I'm one of the guys in Nixon's corner," Bacon beamed. "I haven't worked with Ron since 'Apollo 13', so I'm really thrilled to be in that one."

One film that Bacon is not thrilled to be in, however, is "The Golden Compass." Until recently, IMDb was listing Bacon as a co-star in December's Nicole Kidman/Daniel Craig fantasy flick - and he just wants to get one simple message out to the fans.

"That's a typo, and that's haunting me," Bacon frowned, following in the footsteps of actors like Adrien Brody who've been plagued with questions after being inaccurately listed on the site. "I just sent my publicist a note the other day that said 'Can you please get me out of 'The Golden Compass'?' I don't know anything about the movie, and I can't answer questions about it anymore."