Fanning Raises Jolly Roger For 'True Confessions of Charlotte Doyle'

Dakota FanningIf you thought Johnny Depp was the world's unlikeliest buccaneer, just wait'll you get a load of Dakota Fanning in "The True Confessions of Charlotte Doyle," enthused director Danny DeVito.

The movie, an adaptation of the book by author Edward Irving Wortis (better known by his pen name Avi), centers on the adventures of a 19th Century 13-year-old girl, who must forswear her ladylike upbringing when confronted by intrigue and danger on the high seas.

"[Dakota] is a very proper girl who is thrust into a situation where she has to take this ship and there's a mutinous crew on board -- all sorts of intricate loyalties, and storms, and gunfights," DeVito excitedly revealed about the set-up for the upcoming flick, for which he is currently "working on storyboards," he said. "It's really cool stuff."

Many daring escapades follow (which we wouldn't dream of ruining for those not familiar with the book). DeVito says he plans on including all of them. "I'll be pushing the envelope as usual," he declared. "It's a movie I'd love to take a kid to [but] it's not just for a kid. It will probably be a PG movie - edge of your seat PG."

Joining Dakota in her journey across the Atlantic will be an Oscar winner and a super-spy, DeVito revealed. "Morgan [Freeman] is the captain, captain Jaggery [and] Pierce Brosnan is Zachariah, the ship's cook, surgeon, and carpeneter," he said.

The book won just about every children's literature award known to man. Have you read it? Think it'll make a good flick? Sound off below.