Simon Pegg Still Waiting For 'Harry Potter' Role

Simon PeggWith news last week that Jim Broadbent had signed on as Hogwarts Potions Master Horace Slughorn, one of Harry Potter-dom's last, great roles was officially filled.

Fans aren't crying any tears over the casting -- although we wouldn't have chosen him, we have to admit he's spot on -- but consider the plight of poor Simon Pegg, the man who would love to be in "Harry Potter"...if only they would let him.

"I haven't done my stint yet. I feel like I've been left out of a massive club," he sighed. "It's like every actor in Britain worth their salt has played a wizard or a muggle."

Give Pegg credit: he's clearly well above O.W.L. in his knowledge of the wizarding world. So given his choice, which character would he want most to play?

"I always wanted to play Professor Lupin," Pegg said, quickly adding, "which [of course] David Thewlis does brilliantly. [Unfortunately] I can't think of a character now that I can play in the ensuing books."

Oddly, Simon, we CAN. Should they wind up filming the epilogue from "Deathly Hallows" (and, Merlin's beard, please don't film the epilogue) why not Pegg as a 40-year-old Ron Weasley? Especially since that would make Nick Frost a 40-year-old Harry Potter.

Is there a way you could think of squeezing Pegg into the Harry Potter universe? If so, where? And can we finally start being honest about the epilogue yet? It's terrible right? Sound off below.