Zombie Reveals Alternate Ending For 'Halloween'

Rob Zombie on set of 'Halloween'Now that we've put up our dissection on the key differences between Carpenter's "Halloween" and the Rob Zombie remake, I wanted to also mention the alternate ending that Zombie abandoned before he made his final cut.

And don't worry, we always keep things spoiler-free in these parts.

"The train of thought for the ending is, well, you have plans sometimes," Zombie explained when we asked why he abandoned what we'll call the "Dr. Loomis Ending." "And the weirdest thing about movies is it's all planned out, but you just don't know. Sometimes, things that you really think will work work, and sometimes they're like 'eh'."

On set, we watched Zombie film a conclusion featuring a late-night showdown on the Myers lawn. After Michael reaches into Loomis' car and pulls out Laurie Strode (a scene that remains in the film), Sheriff Brackett (Brad Douriff) and several other policemen pull up in their cars, sirens blazing. Loomis talks to Michael, urging the cops to hold their fire. Blaming himself for Michael's madness, Loomis talks the killer into dropping the knife and releasing Laurie. But as Loomis embraces the teen, Myers takes a step forward, triggering a hail of reactionary gunfire.

"We were kind of rushed because, filming in Pasadena, it's like 11:00 and -- boom! -- they shut you down...the cops would step in front of the cameras," Zombie told us. "We were shut down and I thought 'Well, maybe we have it.' Then I started editing, and it didn't feel like I had the end of the movie. Luckily, I had the luxury of going back."

"Now by the end of the movie, on those final frames you're going to think 'Wow, that is Michael's sister," Zombie said of the finale you can witness in theaters now. "The other way, it was more like she was a victim being rescued. Now, she becomes her own person."

Zombie added that the "Dr. Loomis Ending" will likely be a bonus feature on the "Halloween" DVD.