'Dragon Wars' Will Explode Your Head

Everyone has their vice, and mine involves an endless love of dragon movies. "Reign of Fire," "Dragonheart," "Dragonslayer," "Puff the Magic Dragon," I'll take 'em in spades. I'm such a fan that I'll even watch films like "Python," "Python II" and "Boa vs. Python," just because giant snakes kinda look like dragons.

So color me thrilled when I saw the trailer for "Dragon Wars," which bows September 14, stars the kid from "Roswell," and carries the distinction of being Korea's most expensive production ever. Not only are there dragons fighting helicopters, but also some sort of battle hippos. I have no idea what's going on, but count me in.

To help get you pumped, we've been given exclusive images of the beasts in action as well as official descriptions for each type of creature. Check out the fun below, and don't forget to click on each photo for the full image.

DAWDLERS (above):

"Of all the creatures in the army, Dawdlers are the largest and most powerful. Although they have almost no intelligence, they are very obedient and loyal to the Atrox soldiers. Dawdlers are not fast but they possess awesome destructive power and will stop at nothing to annihilate their targets."

DRAGONS (above):

"This unique Korean representation of the dragon should be fascinating to fans of dragons in the west. Every five hundred years, this dragon acquires the Yeouijoo, ascends to Heaven, and in return, blesses the earth.. The dragon symbolizes absolute power and immortality."

BULCOS (above):

"Bulcos are mutated birds bred by the Altrox Soldiers to be used for air travel. The birds are raised in isolation from other animals in order to fuel their desire to be free and in turn make then even more ferocious when they make contact with other creatures. Bulcos have fire breathing abilities with flames that reach five hundred feet. Their fire breathing power combined with their incredible flying speed, makes these extraordinary birds formidable opponents in any battle."


"This creature is instinctually driven to pursue the Yeuijoo and become a Dragon. It is smaller than the legendary Dragon, and its appearance is similar to a snake. Over the course of centuries one Imoogi, Buraki, was overcome by an uncontrollable desire to become a Dragon. In its obsessions to become a Dragon, Buraki gradually turned wicked.

Prepared with an army of viscous reptiles, the Imoogi waited five hundred years for the reappearance of the Yeoijoo. The anointed good-natured Imoogi, however, will not be easily denied his chance to become a Dragon. The two lock into a dangerous struggle to capture the Yeouijoo. The evil-minded Imoogi is served by an army of thousands, whereas, the Good Imoogi has only Haram (Ethan, played by Jason Behr) and his master to rely on."

IMOOGIS (above):

"Same as the Evil Imoogi, this is also instinctually driven to pursue the Yeouijoo and become a dragon. This is a legendary monster, which has waited for thousands of years to transform into a Dragon. It has its own entourages and is strongly attached to the Yeouijoo."