Corey Haim Is Angry At Corey Feldman! But Does Feldman Know?

When Corey Haim walked into our offices to talk about the sequel to "The Lost Boys" and "The Two Coreys," he was in a great mood until I brought up one name: Corey Feldman. Clearly he was angry about something at the start of the interview but he wouldn't cough up the reason until he said "screw it" and let rip on why he's so upset at that other Corey.

Yes, folks, it all goes back to that infamous scene from "The Two Coreys" where Haim cried over being passed over for "The Lost Boys II." Honestly I'm not exactly sure what Haim was talking about here, but the important thing is he is mad at Feldman and apparently Feldman doesn't even know it yet.

YOU NEED TO WATCH THIS. TRUST ME. And check back tomorrow for Haim's story on dating Posh Spice (I'm absolutely serious).