Mane Looks Norse Towards 'Thor' Role

Tyler ManeIn the weeks following the August 9th announcement that Matthew Vaughn had been chosen to direct "Thor," an online groundswell has begun to get a certain fan favorite cast in the title role. Sometimes, such efforts fail miserably (think Josh Lucas as Two-Face), but at other times Internet buzz actually plants the idea in the head of the studio (Michael Chiklis as Thing), so the idea of Tyler Mane as Thor might just prove to be a mighty one after all.

"I would love to take a look at that," Mane responded this week when we asked the 6’8” former professional wrestler about rumors he's being considered to play the Norse god. "That would be fantastic."

The connections would seem to be in place already for Mane, who made his movie debut as Sabretooth in the 2000 blockbuster "X-Men," another Marvel Comics property based on a long-time title. "Oh, I'm most definitely [familiar with the character of Thor], yeah."

"I would love to," Mane said of the possibility. "You never know [whether Thor will make it as a movie]. You have all those genres of the comic-book characters coming to life, from the Sabretooth character I did in 'X-Men' to all the ones that they did. It could be [the right time for Thor]; it depends on how it's done, and who writes the script."

"[Have they come to me] about 'Thor'?" Mane repeated, shrugging his sizeable shoulders. "I have not heard anything yet, so we'll see. Hopefully, somebody's out there writing it for me like Rob [Zombie] wrote [a role in 'Halloween'] for me."

Directed by Vaughn ("Stardust") and written by Mark Protosevich (the upcoming Will Smith flick "I Am Legend"), the adaptation of the 45-year-old comic is hoping to begin filming this winter. In the meantime, Mane joked that he might try and persuade Vaughn and the Marvel honchos he'd be perfect for the role by walking around with a giant hammer during the next several months. "Yeah," he laughed. "I could give some people some ideas!"