Christian Bale Hasn't Been Approached For 'Justice League'

Christian BaleThere are days on this job when we have good news to bring you — and then there are the days like today.

As absurd as it may seem, it's sounding more and more like someone besides Christian Bale will soon take flight in the Batman cowl. With a hastily produced "Justice League of America" movie speeding through preproduction, casting is about to begin — and when we posed the question on Tuesday to the man who reinvented the character for "Batman Begins," he confirmed that the "Justice League" train is moving right past him.

"I don't really know anything about it," Bale said of the "JLA" flick, which has already begun approaching such actors as Ryan Reynolds to fill hero roles. "No, there's been no talk with me about 'Justice League'; it's only [reporters] who mention this to me."

Poking some fun at the concept of a superhero group that would have Bruce Wayne standing alongside the Green Lantern, Bale and his "3:10 to Yuma" co-star Russell Crowe teased that perhaps the latter could play Robin. But getting serious for a moment, Bale made it clear that he will only play Batman for Christopher Nolan.

"We've done something very good with our Batman, and so I would not do anything that wasn't in keeping with what we were doing," Bale explained. Reminded that "Justice League" would feature a different director (George Miller), Bale then added: "No, that'd be a whole different world. And if it wasn't part of [our] world, then it wouldn't work."

Sure, "The Dark Knight" and another sequel are still on the way with Bale — but does the idea of a second Batman infuriate you as much as it does me? Watch the interview for yourself, and then tell us what you think.