The Dailies: August 22, 2007

MurderballIt's still almost a year away, but MTV has Batman on the brain as "The Dark Knight" swoops in with two news items. That and "The Spirit," "Transformers 2," Ice Cube and more in our links of the day.

- Eva Mendes cast in Frank Miller's "The Spirit." (Hollywood Reporter)

- Bale, Routh NOT in "Justice League of America"? (Movie Hole)

- Anthony Michael Hall's "Dark Knight" role revealed. (Hollywood Chicago)

- Ice Cube and Fred Durst together? Pair will team up on inspirational sports drama "Comeback." (Variety)

- What’s the deal with Michael Bay and "Transformers 2?" (AICN)

- No need to "Jump to Conclusions." Ron Livingston joins cast of "The Time Traveler’s Wife." (Hollywood Reporter)

- Even Abe Froman thinks this is a bad idea: Plot breakdown for possible "Ferris Bueller" sequel set twenty years after the original. (Tampa Bay)