'Return Of The Jedi,' Directed By...David Lynch?!?

David LynchOh, what would he have done with those sweet little ewoks?!? The mind reels at the possibilities. The "Star Wars" story is replete with "almosts" and "what ifs." Christopher Walken as Han Solo? Luke Starkiller? Yeah, yeah, we know all of them. But my favorite "what might have been?" has got to be a "Return of the Jedi" directed by David Lynch.

I had a long chat with the insanely personable maverick that is Mr. Lynch the other day and I couldn't help but ask him how close it came to happening. So I posed the question, "How close did you come?"

"Not close at all," he told me. "I had a meeting with George [Lucas]. I like George. It was his thing. I said, "You should direct this. It’s your thing! It’s not my thing."

Okay, so bottom line, was the offer on the table? Did George offer him the gig? "Yeah," he said, before quickly following the statement up by telling me he officially passed the next day.

It's almost too much for my brain to handle. What do you think Lynch would have made of "Return of the Jedi"? Are you bummed he passed on the opportunity? Sound off below.

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