Freeman and Fincher 'Rendezvous' For Sci-Fi Space Thriller

Morgan FreemanA thirty-mile-long alien spaceship with mysterious origins is set adrift in our Solar System by an unknown intelligence. What is it? Who built it? What is it doing in our corner of the galaxy?

Morgan Freeman thinks he's just the man to find out.

"I play the captain of the spaceship Endeavor that is charged with rendezvousing with this thing from outer space to find out what it is [and] what its intentions are," Freeman said of his role in "Rendezvous with Rama," the celebrated story from the mind of science-fiction legend Arthur C. Clarke.

Freeman, who has been trying to get the movie made since early in the millennium, said it's still on track to happen, (with "Fight Club" director David Fincher at the helm) - it's just taking a little while longer than expected. "It's a very intellectual science fiction film, a very difficult book to translate cinematically." Freeman said. "[At least] we have found it very difficult to translate, to get ready for film."

Like "2001: A Space Odyssey," perhaps Clarke's most enduring and famous work, "Rendezvous" poses difficulties because it's about thoughts, insisted Freeman, not actions. "There are no guns, no explosions," he said. "Although it's fiction, it's all based on pure science."

"But it's worth doing," he added, clearly delighted at the thought of his adaptation making its way to the big screen. "We're still at it."

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