'High School Musical' Star Reports For Duty In Simpson's 'Major Movie Star'

Olesya Rulin21-year-old Olesya Rulin has gone from Russian dancer to Hollywood star over the past twenty months, riding the "High School Musical" skyrocket all the way to an A-list premiere this week at Disneyland. And in comparison with her Moscow upbringing, things are getting more surreal everyday.

"I got in today to L.A. from Shreveport, Louisiana - from the set of this movie I'm filming called 'Major Movie Star,'" she grinned, giving us some details on the flick she stars in alongside Jessica Simpson. "Now there's all these people here -- all these kids and fans and they're all screaming -- and I'm so happy to be here."

The "here" was the world premiere of "High School Musical 2," starring herself, Ashley Tisdale and Zak Efron. And once all the screaming and singing was over, she assured us, she'd be back on-set opposite the world's most famous ditzy blonde.

"I'm co-starring next to Jessica Simpson, and it's about a major movie star that joins the United States Army," she explained of the plot. "We've been going through boot camp...and we really are going through boot camp!"

These days, Rulin has been face down in the mud alongside Simpson - a long way from East High School. "I've been going through mortar fire, and swamps, and I have bug bites, bruises and scars now," she said. "There's a group of five of us, and we're running and working together as the army would."

"She's a wonderful soul, and beautiful, and I love her to death," Rulin said of her long-legged co-star. "She's a talented actress, and I'm so happy that she comes to work with 120 percent, and delivers."

After she wraps the flick "I'm going to go to Russia to see my family," Rulin said with a sigh. At that point, things will return to normal for a few months - and then it'll all start back up again when "Major Movie Star" hits theaters in early '08.