'Veronica Mars' Flick Not Likely, Says Its Star

Kristen BellShe's Neptune's most promising P.I., but all of Veronica Mars' best detective skills won't be needed to solve the mystery of her own clouded future, star Kristen Bell insisted -- an open and shut case of there, well, not actually being one.

"There is no future, unfortunately," Bell said. "Everybody's really, really sad to see it go, and we all just keep e-mailing each other. We're just missing everyone. [But] she has been laid to rest [and] may she rest in peace."

Since the series' abrupt cancellation at the end of last season, online scuttlebutt has rumored that there will one day be a "Veronica Mars" movie, possibly following Mars as she heads to the FBI. That's news to Bell, the 27-year-old actress declared.

"There's [rumored] talk of a movie one day. Maybe. Who knows?" she said, leaving open the possibility that a film version could eventually happen. "[But] we haven't even discussed it."

Not that she would be against doing one, of course, she said smiling. "Depends on how well I age," Bell laughed. "But I'd go wherever [the writers] took me. I think that they've always been utterly brilliant."

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