'Hard Candy' Director To Tackle Gaiman's 'Neverwhere'

'Neverwhere' (BBC Version)When I caught up with Neil Gaiman recently (watch our complete "Rough Cut" interview here), I had only about a hundred questions to ask about probably just as many projects, but only 30 minutes in which to ask them.

So what do you do when the crew is wrapping after the cameras have stopped rolling? Ask more questions! That's how we're able to add "Neverwhere" to the list of Neil Gaiman works about to be adapted to the big screen -- despite its placement in development hell all these years. Many people who have read the book think the BBC "Neverwhere" miniseries was an adaptation, but it's the other way around: Neil wrote it for the small screen, and started writing the book on set (in the never-seen kitchen of Richard Mayhew's apartment). Probably because he knew the low budget series, which was shot on video but lit for film, was going to look like a cheesy soap opera from the '80s.

So Neil's getting a do-over, because he got a call from Lisa Henson (who helped make "MirrorMask") letting him know that Harvey Weinstein was interested. "They're using my script from 2000, and they want me to polish it up a bit," Neil told me. David Slade, who directed "Hard Candy" and "30 Days of Night," is aboard to helm it as well.

"When it comes to movies, the dead certainties never happen and the things you think are dead come back to life," Neil said. "I have no predictions and absolutely no theories. I watch everything that goes on in Hollywood with amusement and occasional trepidation...but mostly amusement."

UPDATE: Gaiman has responded to this report. While discussions with Slade are ongoing, the director is yet to be officially attached to the project.