Vinnie Jones Has A Juggernaut Pitch

Vinnie Jones in 'X-Men: The Last Stand'He's the Juggernaut. Bitching, for sure. But given the fact that Wolverine and Magneto are getting their own spin-off features, what "X-Men 3” star Vinnie Jones really thinks would be wicked is his very own Juggernaut movie.

"That'd be fantastic. That's what all the fans want!" the burly former soccer star mock enthused. "Four hours of make-up. It's great!"

"No, when I [did] my deal they obviously signed me up for 'III', 'IV', and 'V' just in case," he continued more seriously. "Myself and my bank manager are just keeping our fingers crossed."

But get this super-fan: Sure Jones thinks it'd be cool to "give the Juggernaut a mission – he can kick anybody's ass," but what the 42-year-old actor really wants out of this literally unstoppable force is...a little breather?

"I'd like him to have more dialogue," Jones insisted. "In the beginning when Matthew Vaughn was involved, Juggernaut had a lot more to say. And then [director] Brett [Ratner] wanted me to have a lot more to say and so did the producers, but they had to do the movie so quick, and it was so big, and the cast was so big. I think the Juggernaut got diluted, and I was disappointed with it really. For my character, I was disappointed."

Where would you like to see Juggernaut go in future movies? Chime in below below.

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