'Rocket Science Diaries': Aaron Yoo Chills Out

Aaron Yoo in 'Disturbia'In the third and last of his exclusive blog entries for MTV, "Rocket Science" star Aaron Yoo spills the beans on his next project, talks about friendships on the set of "RS," and what made the film so dang special. To read his previous entries, click here.

Okay, another day, same blog. Not really sure this is exactly what MTV was asking for, but there it is. Just wrapped my first day of shooting on "The Wackness," this KILLER indie directed by Jon Levine. Remember the name and be ready, it's hilarious. Sir Ben Kingsley, Famke Janssen, Josh Peck, Olivia Thirlby, Mary-Kate Olsen and Method Man. No they didn't cast this movie with a dartboard. It's genius, trust me.

So apparently, I left off talking about nothing in particular. You'll notice that's a habit... Anyways, I'm back with the "Rocket Science" crew, straight chillin'. Again. What can I say? We're family. When you spend a summer in Baltimore with four of your favorite people, it's a lifetime commitment. It always helps for your lead (Reece) to have a visa issue (he's Canadian; don't hold it against him) that delays production 3 weeks. I kid you not. We rehearsed and basically lived summer camp for three weeks before shooting.

When we weren't workin, me, Reece, Vinnie and Anna would board the Nicholas D'Agosto bus and wait for him to get us lost. We still call him Detours D'Agosto (you can check out Detours on the new season of "Heroes" as the cheerleader's love interest. He's got a superpower but isn't allowed to tell us what it is. Our current theory is that he has the power to turn into silly putty).

So ok. I gotta wrap this up and turn it in like I'm gettin' a grade for it or whatever (an F prob, if you're wondering; an F for WTF?). I was supposed to write about the experience of gettin cast, shooting, Sundance, all that nonsense. And ok, here's the bottom line: You CANNOT find a better director than Jeffrey Blitz (known lovingly to us as Uncle Chaz, hall monitor extraordinaire). We had a fairytale shoot in the summer of '05. Sundance was next level chained off... This movie's been everything ya dream about as a kid, except in 110-degree Baltimore heat.

"Debate IS life. You shouldn't think about any other way." -- Ginny Ryerson.


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