'Rocket Science Diaries': Aaron Yoo Goes Suit Shopping, Part II

Aaron Yoo"Rocket Science" star Aaron Yoo is blogging for MTV. Yesterday he navigated Lower Manhattan in search of a suit for his big premiere and dished on the magic of NYC compared to LA. Today his grand quest continues.

Brutal. Day 2 of suit shoppin'. Somebody stick a fork in my eye. Doesn't help that we were watching "Sunset Boulevard" until 3am last night. Genius flick, that movie, but I'm kinda harrowed this morning. Last night after I gave up on suit shopping, I met back up with Vinnie and Reece Daniel Thompson (Hal Hefner) for dinner at Via Emilia (best Italian in NY and a tiramisu that I dream about in LA).

Reece is researching noir films for this project he's about to start (I think it's called "Sophomore" now, but used to be called "Assassination of a High School President"). His school principal's gonna be Bruce Willis. How pimp is THAT? I don't think I ever ran into my principal in HS, but I used to sit in the VPs office and jam about the Mets whenever my teacher booted me outta calculus. Apparently she wasn't thrilled about my using the period as a rest home...

Check back tomorrow for the final blog installment, featuring name-drops with Mary Kate Olsen and Method Man!