Kathleen Turner for Chuck Palahniuk's 'Snuff' Film?

Chuck PalahniukChuck Palahniuk has got some crazy ideas. Some of them you've probably read already, like "Fight Club" and "Choke." But he's got a few more up his sleeve with his forthcoming book, "Snuff." While the book isn't set for release until 2008, Palahniuk shared lots of details with me, including a pie on the sky idea for casting a film version, when I visited the set of the upcoming film version of "Choke." (Check out my set visit to "Choke" here, including interviews with star Sam Rockwell and director Clark Gregg.)

Here's the plot synopsis on 'Snuff' in Palahniuk's own words: "It's about the shooting one of the worlds largest [pornographic] movies. It's basically about three men waiting in the green room among 600 men. Over the course of the first act you learn that this actress plans to die during the production and that most likely one of these three men was a child she conceived and put up for adoption. He's been trying to contact her for years. She's never acknowledged him and he's so desperate he's shown up for this casting call to try to rescue her before she dies."

Are we talking family fun or what? As we talked about the book, Palahniuk, almost to himself, said aloud one casting idea for a film version of his forthcoming work, "Wouldn't Kathleen Turner be perfect?!?"