Tyrese Is Still John Singleton's Hero

John Singleton and Tyrese Gibson"Sweet Christmas!" Long rumored to be in the works, "Luke Cage" is still in development, insisted director John Singleton, who reiterated that "Transformers" star Tyrese Gibson remains in line to play the eponymous hero.

"I want to do 'Luke Cage' really badly," Singleton told MTV News. "Tyrese is still my choice for Luke."

But while Gibson has long been attached to star should the movie ever actually get made (and, really, we hope it's with the metallic headband and yellow disco shirt), it's another Singleton favorite that has us buzzing: Terrence Howard.

"That would be good if he played the villain in the movie; that'd be nice," Singleton said of the "Hustle & Flow" star, who's already a comic-book hero with the upcoming "Iron Man." "The studio is trying to figure out how much it's going to cost. It's always about money."

A Hero for Hire, Luke Cage was the first black hero to get his own comic, memorably teaming with Iron Fist in the late '70s. But while Cage was the first, he's hardly the only — and Singleton's name has been attached to "Nick Fury" as well.

"If they want to make that movie I'd do it in a minute," Singleton enthused.

A "Nick Fury" movie may already be in the works, with Sam Jackson rumored to be playing the hero in an "Iron Man" cameo.

"I hope he plays Nick Fury. Oh my God! That would be so awesome!" Singleton said. "He'd be really cool."

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