'Rocket Science Diaries': Aaron Yoo Goes Suit Shopping, Part I

Aaron Yoo in 'Disturbia'You watched Aaron Yoo play Shia LaBeouf's best friend in "Disturbia." Now he's starring in the acclaimed dramedy, "Rocket Science." In this first in a series of blog entries for MTV, Yoo readies for his film's big premiere with a little shopping trip.

So I'm trekkin' through the subway in New York on my way to go suit shoppin' with my "Rocket Science" co-star Vincent Piazza (he plays Hal's OCD kleptomaniac older brother, Earl. You might've also seen him recently on "Rescue Me" gettin punched in the face by Denis Leary. Like, repeatedly. Episode after episode of going UFC with Leary. They don't teach you that in acting school).

So yeah anyways, a suit... This is what I'm told: dress however you want for somebody else's premiere but TRY to look like a good citizen when it's your movie. This means "wear a suit." And take a shower... Fine, whatevs. I'll pony up. But I'll be wearin my convict underpants; ya just won't know it.

Where the hell is 122 Spring Street? I hopped out at the WRONG stop. Who gave me these directions anyway? Damn you, Piazza. Gotta say it's beyond brilliant to be back in THE city. I booked "Rocket Science" when I still lived here, but then I hopped out to LA, did "Disturbia," and never looked back, as they say.

Not that I don't dig the LA la. What's not to love? I wake up, stumble into a model/actress on my way to my car (a Prius...get ON it, people. F the cheerleader --> Buy a hybrid. Save the world). I get outta the car and trip over a model/actress. I stand behind one in line. I order my coffee from a model/actress. All the while I'm thinkin, "ya know that saying about 'If there were no evil, how would we know the good?'" You see where I'm goin with this, right? You think you do. But I'm not talkin a scale of 1-10. I'm talkin 1-212, or whatever Einstein's 11-percent was supposed to be. I'm talkin IQ points.

I'm talkin Ginny Ryerson. I'm talkin Anna Kendrick, who just KILLS it as the fiercest, hottest debater you've ever seen. Bananas. Ridic. You see Ginny, Hal's aphrodite in "Rocket Science," and you're like, "Hold up. Replay. This chick is SMART-hot." Ah crap, I gotta try on a suit now...

Check back tomorrow for the next installment of Aaron Yoo's blog!.

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