Danny Trejo Talks 'Machete' Feature

"If you're going to hire Machete to kill the bad guy, you had better make sure the bad guy...isn't you!" Danny Trejo's now-immortalized anti-hero from Robert Rodriguez's faux trailer was one of the few universally-acclaimed parts of "Grindhouse," the dead-on-arrival double-feature from the "El Mariachi" director and Quentin Tarantino.

Rumors of a feature-length leap for the Machete character began almost immediately, given the audience's enthusiastic response to the no-nonsense, ass-kicking, revenge-seeking Mexican immigrant played by Trejo, a fan-favorite character actor and frequent collaborator of Rodriguez. It's a movie that's close to becoming a reality according to the star...if Bob and Harvey Weinstein can just be convinced to pony up the dough (See Trejo's message to the Weinsteins below, and then read about the film's status after the jump).

"It's like we cut the holy grail and nobody wants to use it," Trejo exclaimed to MTV News, mentioning that Rodriguez is already well underway with the story. "Robert's got most of it in his head. I think the script is being written, and is about to be completed."

Trejo -- who will next be seen playing Michael Myer's caretaker in Rob Zombie's "Halloween" -- said that he knew right away about the potential of "Machete." "The response that we got the minute they showed [the trailer] in "Grindhouse" just blew everything away. There was so much action and adrenaline going, it just literally overshadowed everything."

Calling the project a return to the Charles Bronson "Death Wish"-era, the actor promised a feature film version of his character would be a return to form. "As Robert said to me," Trejo recounted with a grin, "you can't put a mustache on the Mona Lisa."

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