The Dailies: August 3, 2007

Emma WatsonThe week ends, but the news rolls on. Today, headlines from "The Spirit," "Dark Knight," "Harry Potter," "Avatar" and more.

- What made Hermione cry? Emma Watson gives her thoughts on "Deathly Hallows." (Emma Watson)

- The "Spirit" is willing. Gabriel Macht to lead Frank Miller's comic adaptation as the masked avenger himself. (Variety)

- The Batpod in action! (Latino Review)

- Len Wiseman to helm "Escape from New York" and "Gears of War"? (AICN)

- Under new "Management." Jennifer Aniston and Steve Zahn to headline romantic comedy about traveling saleswoman. (Variety)

- Michelle Rodriguez joins Cameron's "Avatar." (Variety)

- Gervais NOT set for "Early Retirement." (CanMag)