The Dailies: August 2, 2007

Pixar's 'Buy n Large' Viral SiteHollywood's viral marketing team takes a bow, "JLA" possibly gets a chief, the NFL heads west and more, in today's Dailies.

- Forget the Joker. Introducing the world's largest, most extensive viral site ever, for Pixar's "Wall-E." (Buy n Large)

- George "Road Warrior" Miller to direct JLA? (Latino Review)

- Weaver talks (briefly) about Cameron's "Avatar." (Moviehole)

- NFL plunges into Hollywood with Lombardi biopic. (Variety)

- Peter Jackson makes "Sopranos" star Imperioli an offer he can't refuse, for "Lovely Bones." (Hollywood Reporter)

- "American Idol" head Simon Cowell dives into features with "Fame"-themed flick. (Hollywood Reporter)

- Jack Black dons adventurer hat for "Stone Perlmutter." (Hollywood Reporter)

- Sanada talks up "Speed Racer"'s magic cameras. (Collider)