Jessica Alba Sees Motherhood For 'Fantastic Four 3’

Jessica AlbaThey've beaten genius, metal dictators and the wielder of the power cosmic, disgruntled men who reside in the Earth's inner core, and shape-shifting aliens from the planet Skrull. But how's this for a stretch? The biggest challenge Mr. Fantastic and Co. will ever face isn't a villain at all...but a kid?

It's the kind of thing that might make you want to turn invisible.

But not Jessica Alba. Asked what she'd like to see in "Fantastic Four 3," the sexy 26-year-old actress said she doesn't want new powers or gadgets. She wants to be a mom.

"[I'd like to see] little Franklin running around," she told MTV News.

The son of Mr. Fantastic and the Invisible Woman, Franklin Richards is one of the most powerful heroes in the "Marvel" galaxy, an Omega-Level mutant able to manipulate reality itself. Unlike most mutants, Franklin develops his powers early due to the cosmic radiation passed on from his parents.

An appearance from Franklin in the next "Fantastic Four" movie might be too much to hope for, given the fact that it would actually be positively awesome. In the original comic origin story, Franklin's powers are released prematurely by the villain Annihilus, and when they become too much to control Mr. Fantastic chooses to put his son in a coma.

Because of Annihilus, the story would almost certainly take the foursome through the "Negative Zone," a fictional, parallel dimension in the Marvel Universe. Or, perhaps, the story could focus on Nathaniel Richards, father to Reed and grandfather to Franklin, who kidnaps his grandson and raises him in the future in one memorable comic arc.

Would you like to see Franklin Richards in the next "Fantastic Four"? If so, what story-line do you hope they concentrate on? Sound off below.

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