The Dailies: August 1, 2007

Rent-A-ClownIt's a year before he'll be storming the streets of Gotham, but Batman once again dominates our news of the day with a new message from the Joker. That and "Indy," "Wall-E," "Hulk" and more, in our links.

- Why So Serious? Joker site now gives you the chance to "Rent a Clown." (Rent-a-Clown)

- Speaking of Batman, The Dark Knight's got a brand new theme. (Superhero Hype)

- Hurts so good. John Hurt coyly teases his role in "Indiana Jones IV." (IGN)

- Oh God, You Devil: Orlando Bloom to join cast of "DaVinci Code: sequel "Angels and Demons"? (Cinema Blend)

- New poster for "Wall-E." (JoBlo)

- Incredible Hulk smashes CFB Trenton, as shooting begins at the military base. (Kingston Whig Standard)

- Siskel and Ebert television reviews available online. (At the Movies)

- Ricky Gervais following in the footsteps of David Brent, getting ready for "Early Retirement." (Variety)